Doesn’t ARRP sound like something a chihauha would say as he’s biting your ankle? I really hope this stimulus plan bites more like a pit bull. I feel like I should know more about the new Stimulus Plan that is set to be voted on in the House of Representatives today (dubbed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan). A cursory Google search reveals very little specific info. I’d like to know exactly what is in the bill. How is this stimulus money going to be spent? You’d think there would be a lot information on the internet about this, but it’s harder to dig up than I’d expect. One link that came up during my search that has future promise is the site Their tagline? “Connecting You with Multiple Sources to help provide the Real Story” Oh, I hope so, because the Real Story would be nice. Newsy offers short video clips on current news topics (2-5 minutes), with a sidebar of sources for each story. They have a short clip here about today’s events, although no specific info as to what the bill contains.

A few more minutes, and I finally found the wording of H.R. 1 here. It’s 258 pages long. Too long to even skim. A more edible report to accompany the bill (78 pages) can be downloaded here. I’ll try to chew through some of it and post a summary later tonight or tomorrow. Even better, a 13 page press summary here. A few more clicks and maybe it’ll be down to a well written paragraph šŸ™‚

Another site that might prove interesting is the Bailout Report, a blog that gives weekly updates on the American recovery. Biased, but interesting!

Additionally, is the official site of the U.S. House of Representatives, and offers links to schedules, hearings, U.S. code, Bill information, and past votes.