Along with the entire world, I love Robeez. They’re super duper cute and comfy, but I have a hard time with the price tag. Last month I bought Jacob some 6-12 month Robeez with a Gap Baby gift card we had. He’s already close to outgrowing them. No way am I spending $30 on another pair. That’s ridiculous. Actually, I balk at spending any money on something like baby shoes, but here in the middle of winter they’re nice for keeping his socks on his feet. Especially when I’m already exposing a few inches of baby chub to the elements every time I carry him from the car to a building. So, I’m psyched to have found a company called Bugaloo.

Bugaloo offers free shipping when you buy three pairs. Plus, rumor has it there’s a 15% off code available. Anyone interested in ordering together to get some to Wasilla?

If you’re good at sewing and enjoy a new project, you can try out this free pattern here for soft-soled shoes. She’s a Norwegian blogger with lots of cute patterns. I’ve used this pattern for infant slippers and it worked great. You can also find online sites to buy leather (cheaply) if you’re inclined to sew up your own super chic leather baby shoes. I’m inclined, but too intimidated to figure our what needle I’d need, settings for the machine, etc. Maybe next time you come to visit, Mom?