A few interesting links from today:

Black Friday Preview

If you’re crazy enough to venture out your house the day after Thanksgiving in search of deals, this site is for you. Previews of black Friday ads will be posted here as they come available. This is a good resource for planning holiday gift shopping.

One dollar diet project

This is blog of two people who ate a month of meals on only $1 a day. One participant lost 5lbs and one lost 13lbs. Their meals consisted mostly of rice, beans, and flour, with occasional canned tomatoes or glasses of Tang.

The Real Difference Between Bankruptcy and Bailout

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich’s blog is on my list of RSS feeds (thanks, Erik!). He has a lot of good ideas and I enjoy his writing. From this entry:

The Treasury seems to have lost sight of its real client. It’s client is not the creditors, shareholders, or executives of any of these firms. Its sole client is the American people

Reich gives his take on the current auto industry trouble and how he feels the government bailout should be packaged.