When I was young my mom read me a book about a little goat who ate trash and got a belly ache. I don’t remember the title, hopefully you can remember it mom? Over the last two months our own little goat has been chewing on everything in site. Paper, plastic, plant foliage, you name it. Our firstborn never had this problem, seeming to understand that certain things were not fit for consumption. Jacob, however, is keeping me on my toes in the baby-proofing department. This morning Jimmy and I were eating breakfast, and Jacob was (I thought) playing in the living room. I was drinking my coffee, enjoying the morning paper, and reveling in the moment of quiet. Not hearing Jacob in the living room I went on a search of the house. I found him in the master bathroom, sitting next to the toilet (practically hugging it really), with the toilet brush askew in its holder, and the trash can tipped on its side, contents spilled on the floor. In Jacob’s mouth was a piece of trash (ick!), with another clutched in his hand. Icky icky icky. I’m now enforcing the closed door rule much more rigidly. Little goats need to be kept in their pens 🙂