I was tagged by Sarah for some “about me” info. So skip this and I’ll see you next post, or sit back and prepare to be bombarded:

4 Random Things About Me:

  • I used to do competitive jump-roping. Go Sitka Skippers!
  • I can neigh like a horse, and horses often answer.
  • Sometimes I still feel like I’m just “playing house”. When did I grow up? Have I grown up? Does that happen when I’m 30?
  • Sometimes my thoughts are so loud I have to mentally tell myself to shut up 🙂

4 Occupations I’d Love To Do If Talent & Money Were Not Qualifications:

  • Professional Student
  • Researcher
  • Rancher
  • Travel Show Host (of course, I’ve never actually done any significant traveling, I’m just assuming that I would like it)

4 Guilty Pleasures:

  • America’s Next Top Model
  • Cadbury Eggs (my in-laws buy a huge stash for me each Easter and then I try to stretch them out for a few months)
  • Christian Romance novels. You know, like “Love Comes Softly”. I’m trying to wean myself off of them.
  • Tons and Tons of coffee. I know it’s not good to drink so much, but I love how it warms my belly. I love the feel of a warm cup in my hands. Drinking a piping hot cup of black coffee feels like such a luxury.

4 Things I Am Drawn To Buy Even When I Don’t Need Them:

  • Jeans
  • Books
  • Cloth Diapers or fabric
  • Organizers

4 Challenges I Face On A Daily/ Weekly Basis:

  • Wanting to do everything
  • Wanting to do everything perfectly
  • Wanting to do everything perfectly by the time Kevin steps through the door at 5:15pm
  • Loving routine, but knowing that I need to break out and be spontaneous now and then

4 Books That Have Helped/Inspired Me This Year:

  • Black Belt Patriotism by Chuck Norris (stop laughing)
  • I honestly can’t remember anything else. I read a decent amount but I don’t generally retain a lot. I don’t know what that says about me…

4 People I’m Tagging:

  • Mel
  • Amanda
  • Carly
  • Someone who can remove the last bullet on the list because I seem to have encountered some sort of crazy glitch in the system. I mean, hey, I’m a smart gal. I’ve taken a few computer courses. I know how to make a list. Bullet, why do you taunt me?
  • Hmmmm. Now it’s gone. And, now I just look crazy.