Over the last few months I’ve been slowly coming to the realization that I’ve believed a huge lie. What’s the lie? That just being a good Christian and living a good life is enough. It’s a popular thing nowadays for Christian culture (Satan) to tell me that just being a good role model for the unsaved is enough; that by simply coexisting I provide an avenue for God to reach the lost. In living a life without actively sharing the Gospel I’ve lost something important. I’ve lost my eternal perspective; my understanding of the importance of the destination of the thousands of souls I’ll have contact with throughout my lifetime. I want to care about souls. I want to see the people around me as eternal souls, not merely earthly humans.

As I was reading the paper this morning there was an article about a young man (20 years old) from Anchorage who was killed in Iraq, one month before his planned return to the States. What if we had both waited in line at the DMV? What if during those 15 minutes I had engaged him in conversation and shared the Gospel? Then his myspace headline, “I can’t wait to go home!”, could have meant even more. I hope it did.