I love it when people help me be more creative. On Friday mornings at the Maxwell House we like to watch a movie. It’s sort of a “Mommy is tired, the weekend is almost here, lets start it a little early” thing. I was excited when I found this site on a blog I read (insert name of blog here, I’m so terrible about giving credit where it’s due and I’ve forgotten where I go this idea). The site is called Kids Off the Couch, and you sign up for their weekly email newsletter. The newsletter pairs a popular kids movie/story with an adventure that takes us off the couch and into an activity.

For example, this week’s movie is “Sleeping Beauty”, and the activity involves addressing the un-reality of being a princess, and creating a time capsule of real hopes and dreams. This movie is geared more toward girls, but the message could just as easily be tweaked for boys.

There are movies for every age, from the preschooler favorite “Cars” to “Chronicles of Narnia” for older kids. I like this site because I think it’s a good reminder of ways to merge a movie with creative thinking. Be forewarned, the site has some movies listed in their archives that I wouldn’t let my kids watch, but I still think its a great place to go for ideas.