Ouch. I’m starting to wonder if the rumors that food prices have risen is true. I’ve been consistently going $100-$150 over budget each month since I began my once-a-month grocery shopping experement. However, our pantry (read: garage) is more stocked than ever, and I feel good about having such a surplus available during these interesting economic times. I’m having fun finding some different ways to shop. I LOVED my experience with Organic Alaska, and plan on using them a couple times a year to stock up on staples like flour and beans. I’ve also rediscovered my love for Costco.

I’ve decided to keep trying a once-a-month large shopping trip (either Costco or Organic Alaska), and a weekly local trip (at night, by myself, no kids) to get the best coupon deals. I really enjoy couponing, and do a good job of shopping when I’m not rushed by time or children. I’m excited about Target and Walgreens coming in, as this will provide a couple more great couponing stores. Hopefully in a later post I’ll explain which sites I get my coupon matchups from, and how to construct them yourself using the Sunday ads and online coupon databases.

This month is off to a good start. I’m hopeful that I can reign in the extra spending and have fun filling the cart without distractions. If anyone is interested in ordering from Organic Alaska, let me know and I can get you an Azure Catalog and info.