Want to earn 3% or more cash back on your online purchases? Check out Ebates, a site that offers just that. So far I’ve earned $20 through Ebates, and I’ve only remembered to use the site a handful of times. I admit, I’ve lost out on quite a bit of pocket change by forgetting to click through Ebates first. Some of the stores that Ebates offers rebates through are Barnes & Noble (4% back), Circuit City (2% back), eBags (6% back), Gap.com (6% back), and Home depot (3% back). There are hundreds of other stores that also offer rebates. Right now, if you sign up and make a qualifying purchase, Ebates will add an extra $5 into your account, and mine also. If you do sign up, make sure to check out the daily double, a different featured merchant each day with double cash back (for example, if Gap.com were the daily double, you’d get 12% back on purchases). I hope you’ll have more success with actually remembering to use this site than I have. If you do a decent amount of online shopping, the rebates can really add up! If you sign up for Ebates without clicking one of the links above, and you’d like to give me the referral, just use my email address, maxwell_janeen at yahoo dot com, when you sign up. Thanks Mom 🙂