Super exciting news from an Alaska Family Council email I received last week. If you’ve never heard Ravi Zacharias, you’re missing out. He makes my brain hurt (in a good way). This would be an event worth gathering a group to attend:

Renowned Christian Thinker Ravi Zacharias In Alaska On March 5th, 2009
The Alaska Family Council is honored to bring Razi Zacharias to Anchorage on Thursday, March 5th, 2009. What a blessing this will be for the Body of Christ here in Alaska and for those seeking to find answers in a fallen world.

Ravi’s stimulating presentation of the Truth of the Gospel is something you will not want to miss !

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries is a global team of twelve itinerant speakers with offices in six countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, and Canada. Founded in 1984 by Ravi Zacharias, the vision of RZIM is fourfold:

  • Evangelism that focuses on skeptics, cultural influencers, and critical thinkers.
  • Apologetics that addresses current issues and the needs of society.
  • Spiritual Disciplines that focus the mind and heart on the glory of God.
  • Training that comes alongside the church and concerned Christians across the globe.

The primary mission of RZIM is to support, expand, and enhance the preaching and teaching ministry of Ravi Zacharias, distinctive in its strong evangelistic and apologetic foundation, intended to touch both the heart and the intellect of the thinkers and opinion- makers of society with the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We address the intellectual and essential assumptions of our culture, realizing that for some, the door to the heart is through the mind, and for others through the imagination.

RZIM is committed to reaching this generation around the world-in the university, the arts, politics, business, and the church. Through open forums, community outreach, youth apologetics, various media and social awareness, we seek to remove the barriers to the Cross for the skeptic as we prepare Christians to give a reason for the hope within us.