Yesterday was the first day I have noticed the boys interacting with one another (without my help). As Jimmy was playing in his toy corner, Jakey crawled over and began playing too. Shoving small cars in his mouth counts as playing, right? I know, it’s a small thing, but it brings such a big smile to my face. I like to daydream about when they’re older and they’ll make forts out in our woods and pick raspberries and pretend they’re adventurers. I know I’ll be breaking up arguments, but I look forward to it anyway.

I have such fond memories of my own early childhood. Our family of 6 lived on 4 acres in Oregon. My three brothers and I would roam our woods, pretending we were in the army. We had a wide assortment of uniforms, camouflage, and gear obtained from a fun used militaria store near Portland. We even had a foxhole trench near the road where we’d hunker down and spy on passing vehicles.

Too much fun. I can’t wait until my own boys are old enough to start making these memories.