A couple of years ago a friend of Kevin’s turned us on to a neat site for sale items, Woot.com. Woot offers one product each day, at a low price. That product is available for 24 hours, or until it sells out. The deal is usually great, sometimes amazing, and occasionally mediocre. Woot generally offers electronics, although that’s not set in stone. Past deals have included GPS units, cables, TVs, desktop computers, laptops, iPods, MP3 players, and telephones. Todays deal is a 37″ HDTV for $550. Shipping included. Of course, they don’t ship TVs to Alaska, but I can’t blame them for joining the ranks of 99% of other online retailers. WE’RE A PART OF THE UNITED STATES, PEOPLE!!!

Similar to Woot is the site 1saleaday.com. 1sale is more varied than woot, offering more than just electronics. We’ve ordered a couple of different products from 1sale. Just like Woot, the deal can run the gamut from amazing to mediocre (although you’re just about gauranteed that if you find a product on one of these sites, it’s the best price available). Shipping at 1sale is $5. Often they’ll advertise a product for free, but the total comes to $5 with Shipping and handling. Today you can buy a set of speakers that surround your iPod (or other MP3 player). With a “free” price, they’re around 5 bucks after shipping. We bought a set of these last time they went on sale, and we’ll be buying more this time.

Along this same line is the site MamaBargains.com, which also offers a 24 hour deal. These deals are on trendy, yuppie kid and baby stuff. From clothes to car seats, they offer a wide variety of items. I’ve never purchased from them, but I check out the site occasionally to make sure I’m not missing out on some great deal.

These sites can be great for gift-giving ideas. Even if you don’t want a new ipod shuffle for $29.99 (a recent Woot deal), someone on your gift list could be begging for one! There are other, similar sites out there, but these seemed the best to me. Let me know if you discover any other favorites.