A few of you have wondered why I haven’t yet posted on Friday’s announcement that’s been shakin’ up Alaska (not to mention the lower 48). Well, I’ve got a good reason. I’ve been just soaking in all the details, marinating in the new-found popularity of our little town, and honestly, feeling a little sorry for myself. What?! That doesn’t fit. Janeen, you must mean you’re EXCITED, not boarding the Pity Party Train. Nope. The more I’ve dwelt on the situation, the more I’ve gotten a bit morose. Why? My dream of becoming the next female Vice President has been shattered (oh so similarly to that glass ceiling that Sarah so eloquently spoke of). What’s the likelyhood that two soccer moms from Wasilla will rise through the ranks to become the President’s right hand (wo)man? Impossible.

In Jr High and High School I ran in the too cool to be uncool, but too uncool to be uber-cool group. We were the overachievers, the group that did every activity, took every AP class, and organized NHS and Student Council. We dreamed Big. Really big. I think that living on an island sheltered us from realizing that some of those dreams were honestly unattainable. I felt that I truly could conquer the world, and given that I chose to apply myself, no career was out of my league.

I kept this mentality heading into college. And then, I met Kevin. And slowly those dreams were replaced with another goal: to be a Godly wife and (someday) mother. Now I have achieved this dream (minus the Godly part, that’s still a work in progress). I am sooooo fulfilled. I truly love my life and my “job”.

Sarah P. is a reminder of that old dream, the one where I too can be a Vice Presidential candidate. My new career is even better than that old dream, but that’s the funny nature of dreams, they always have a little place in your heart 🙂

That being said, it is sooo interesting knowing that a new mom is out on the campaign trail. Granted she’s 20 years and three kids ahead of me, but I still wonder what her new life is like compared to mine. I loved reading in a recent People article (thanks Rachel!) that she’s still nursing. I can relate to that. I just don’t know how she can handle a new baby and a campaign at the same time (not to mention mothering 4 other children). I couldn’t do it. Very, very, very few could.

<<Insert eloquent paragraph here that neatly ties up the thoughts in my head>>

What a cop out.

The end.