Ok, I get it. You’re all out fishing. That’s cool. I can Carnival with myself. This is good for me. Good for my pride. This is me on stilts. Carnival! Woohoo.

To register to vote, and for all things Elections, check out the Alaska Division of Elections website. Now, to begin at the beginning. A very good place to start.

Ballot Measure 1:

The wording (from the voters pamphlet):

This initiative would create a seven-member gaming comission in the state Department of Revenue, and change gaming laws. The commission would employ a director, make contracts, adopt regulations, investigate and enforce gaming laws. The commission would have authority to allow games of chance, such as lotteries and casino games, in the future. It could join other states in multi-state gaming. The director would supervise gaming activities, and enforce charitable gaming laws. The initiative would make certain acts related to gaming a felony. Gaming allowed by the new law would be exempted from the criminal prohibition against gambling.

The purpose (according to the measure) would be to:

  • provide recreational opportunities for Alaskans
  • attract additional tourists to Alaskabecause the activities available to them will increase
  • retain revenue in Alaska which now leaves the State because of illegal, out-of-state and internet gaming
  • provide new economic development as a sustainable industry
  • provide additional potential sources of revenue to support programs such as education, transportation, fish and wildlife management, and operations of state and local governments, and
  • help protect the permanent fund

Honestly, I haven’t read the entire measure. It’s long, the kids are napping, and I REALLY need to do my nails. Someday I want to be that person, but not today. If you’d like to check out the entire measure for yourself, just click on the link above and download the voters pamphlet.

When debating on a measure, I like to ask myself the questions, “What is the REAL purpose of this Measure?”, “Would this measure benefit my family?”, and “Is this measure good for the future of Alaska?”

Basically, if you’re pro gambling (and don’t mind a 5 person commission being given complete power over the industry) this measure will entice your dice (heehee). If you’re anti-gambling, or wish the measure would provide better checks and balances for committee members, you’ll want to just say NO on 1.

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