This is an addition to an August 2007 post entitled “Do you believe?” where I explained my feelings on the existence of Bigfoot. Stop laughing. On Friday two American men held a press conference, claiming that they discovered a sasquatch in Northern Georgia. You can read the article by the Washington Post here. The basics:

  • They’ve stored the body, dubbed “Rickmat”, in a cooler at a secret location
  • A picture of the supposed find has been posted online (see the WP article for a link)
  • DNA information claiming to prove authenticity was disbursed at the press conference
  • As expected, there are “experts” on both sides of the authenticity debate

According to the article, the Bigfoot hunters have requested that scientists come to verify the find. In addition, the hunters plan on returning to the site to capture a live specimen.

Ok, Rickmat dudes. Show us a live sasquatch. That’ll quiet the doubters once and for all. An exciting prospect, but I’m not holding my breath.