Ick. That’s the best word to describe last month’s attempt at once-a-month (ish) shopping. I think things would have gone ok, except we started off the month by getting back from our trip to Sitka and donating a Benjamin to Fred Meyers. Oh Fred’s, how you entice me. Had we just bought milk and held out until the next weekend, we could have stuck with the plan a little better. Oh well.

Our Costco trip (on July 12th) went well, with the only impulse purchase being a jar of dehydrated jalapenos from the spices isle. I have yet to use them, but just couldn’t resist those cute little dried bits of husband-happiness (Kevin is on a big jalapeno kick right now).

As for the remaining 2 weekends, we still kept the habit of hitting up either WalMart or Fred’s, but the reciept totals were more than half what we would have spent before our attempt at OAMS. If we can just squeeze those trips out of our weekend routine, we’ll stand a much better chance at accomplishing our goal.

What about August? We’re off to a great start. We decide to try bulk ordering some dried (and other) goods through Organic Alaska, a buyers coop who ships up food from Azure Standard. I’ve been trying to find a way to order from Azure without having to shell out a few hundred dollars at once, and I stumbled on the Organic Alaska site. Our August order was due at the end of July, and we’ll pay for the groceries when we pick them up August 15th. We ordered mostly dried beans and grains, nuts and seeds, with some fun stuff like salsa seasoning, chips, and rennet (to try my hand at making cheese). The value of the prices from the coop vary. The grains and beans are a good (if not great) price. The rest is about equal to non-sale prices at the local grocery. However, the convenience of emailing my order in and then just picking it up is worth paying a slight premium. I’m pretty sure that my NOT stepping foot in the grocery store to get all that will save me from unneeded purchases, and make up for the increase in cost.

We’ve also reactivated our account with Full Circle Farm, a Washington farm who ships produce weekly to locations around Alaska. We previously ordered with this company, but stopped last October when my giant belly and Winter roads dulled my interest in picking up the box each week. Again, we’ll pay a slight premium for this service ($100/month), but I’m hoping it will pay for itself by my not going to the store for produce.

Our only remaining hurdle? (Except cutting out Fred’s and Wally World as entertainment) Is that we drink milk like it’s going out of style. For two adults and a half-pint we drink 6-8 gallons a week. This necessitates going to the store. I asked hubby if we could buy ahead and freeze but he said absolutely not 😉 Apparently that reminds him of his college days, when his income (zero) dictated freezing milk when it went on sale. Any other ideas?