Have you ever posted a comment on someone’s blog? Did you later go back and check what other comments were given, or how the author replied? If you utilize RSS (really simple syndication), it’s easy to keep track of these comments without the tedium of constantly rechecking a post. For information on RSS, check out this earlier post where I explain the use of RSS in tracking dynamic pages (blogs). Here’s the step by step on how to subscribe to a comment feed:

  1. locate the “comments” section at the bottom of the post that you want to track, and click. A new window should open up (one that contains the comments for that post).
  2. Locate the RSS feed icon in that window. It will likely be located in the URL bar, at the end of the address, but you may also find it elsewhere.
  3. Click on the RSS button. If you’ve already set up your browser to handle feeds in a certain way, you’re all set. You’ve subscribed and you’ll now be notified when new comments are posted. If you haven’t linked a specific reader to your web browser, see my initial post on RSS feeds here, and you’ll hopefully get things worked out. If not, just leave a comment at the bottom of this post, and I’ll try to help.

That’s it! Now you’ll know if your witty comment that you left on that friend’s blog was responded to, and you’ll be able to keep up two-way communication.