In the Tuesday edition of the Frontiersman there was an editorial that showed the online location of Alaska’s Division of Environmental Health inspection results. To check it out for yourself, venture here. Some of the spring 2008 results:

  • Carrs BakeryRodent droppings observed on floor in cake front section
  • Carrs Oriental Hot disp. case temp is unacceptable (a) vegetables (100F)(B) rice (100F)(128) Chicken. Heating element was adjusted and unit appears to be holding temp Corrected On site. Bags of chicken thawing in large sink (47F) Corrected On site.
  • CheposCook was not washing hands between cooking and touching uncooked foods
    Corrected immediately by management
    Corrected On site. Employees fail to utilize gloves or utensils when handling raw foods in facility. Retrained immediately by management Corrected On site. Cutting boards are scored and discolored. Repair/ replace cutting board to provide a clean sanitary food prep surface for preparing foods Correct By: 07/30/2008
  • Fred Meyer DeliPizza 3X(145 F) Gen tsao 132F Mac/ Cheese (138 F)
    All products should be held/maintained at 135 F until served

    Correct By: 03/19/2008 (2) re-surface/replace cutting boards Correct By: 06/30/2008
    Mat-Su Family Restaurant
    Cook observed preparing final foods ready to eat with barehands. Barehands are not allowed for use on foods ready to eat to prevent contamination of foods. Operator corrected issue prior end of inspection. Corrected On site. Plastic cup left in sour cream and bottle of dressing left in lettuce. As these utensils are exposed to touch, the potential of contaminating foods increases. Operator agreed to correct by May 21, 2008. D-Con rodent poison noted near hole in wall near front refrigerator. Only pesticides approved for use in a food facility is authorized to prevent contamination of foods. Operator agreed to correct by MAy 21, 2008.
  • Mekong ThaiMouse droppings on shelves in rice storage areas and floor under rice storage areas. Management agrees to remove droppings/ remove rice and wash and sanitize shelves before utilizing for rice storage again
  • Peking Chinese – Numerous violations (some repeat violations) with regards to food temperature and prep.
  • Pizza HutBeetle in food resiude behind defunct refrigerator. pests must be excluded from facility. Operator agreed to clean area and get pest services. Areas behind ice machine, under pizza cutting area, on pizza warmer, behind tables and catch areas (corners) have food residues. Non-food surfaces are required to be clean to ensure contamination does nto occur. Firm has agreed to shift atttention to these areas as well.

There are many other businesses listed, but these were just a few that we have gone to. There were many others that passed inspection with flying colors. One that stood out to me as getting exceptionally great comments from the reviewer was Taco Bell.

As indicated at the beginning of the inspections site:

Remember that any inspection report is a ‘snapshot’ of the day and time of the inspection. On any given day a restaurant could have more or fewer violations than noted here. An inspection may not be representational of the overall, long-term cleanliness of the establishment. Also, at the time of the inspection, violations are recorded but often corrected while the Environmental Health Officer is still at the establishment

So, does any of this matter? There’s more weight to a series of inspection problems, rather than the recent problems I listed above. If you frequent a particular restaurant, you may want to look at their past inspections to see if there are any reccuring violations. Most of the violations above don’t bother me too much. Except for rodent droppings and improperly thawing poultry. Icky. I can’t be too hard on the businesses above, if the Division of Environmental Health visited my house, I’m sure they’d have some complaints! But, no rodent waste here. At least I can say that for my kitchen 😉