While reading a blog (can’t remember which) last month, I came upon a great post that described a company that allows you to create a postcard, and send it for free (including shipping). I love free stuff, so I checked out the site, Hippopost, uploaded a picture of the newest little Maxwell, and sent out a test postcard to Grammy. You have to register to send postcards, but it’s quick and easy, and then you’re allowed to send up to two free postcards per day. Wow. That rocks.

So what’s the catch? The postcard is printed with a small (inch by inch-ish) advertisement under your message. Mom showed me the postcard over the webcam, and the ad really was barely noticeable. Everything looked like it printed great. The other negative is that the shipping is pretty slow (at least on my first try). I uploaded the picture and completed the process on June 18th, and it arrived on July 12th. Actually, two of the exact same postcard arrived. Wierd, but I’m going to chalk it up to user error. On July 9th I sent out a second test card, so I’ll update with a comment when that arrives at the recipient’s address. With this second postcard, I was able to choose which advertisement would be sent with the card (out of three choices).

The post that informed me of this service had also suggested that a person could upload photos while on vacation and send out postcards (way cooler than the generic overhead view of a cruise ship/super old cathedral/totem pole postcards). That is, if you don’t mind your friend getting the postcard three weeks after your actual trip 🙂

Editor’s Note: The second post card, sent on July 9th, arrived at it’s destination (SE AK) on July 19th, so just over a week. A much better pace than the earlier card.