One of the blogs I read regularly, Handprints on the Wall, had a post this morning that linked to the Cosmetic Safety Database. This database, run by some organization called the Environmental working group, contains a giant list of makeup, skin care, hair care, baby care, and similar categories. Within the database are brands of products, and lists of the possibly harmful ingredients they contain. Each product is labeled with a number (from 0 to 10) which describes possible hazard to those who use the product. There are links to each hazardous ingredient which gives more detail about why they have been labeled as such. For example, Kirkland Baby wipes have been given a hazard of 5 (moderate), due largely to their containing 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1 (which has been labeled as the site as 10, or a high hazard). We’ve been using these for a couple of years and like them. I’m not about to dump them in the trash just yet (heehee, they’re wipes!) but I do have some questions.

My question to you: do you think there is reason to be concerned about some of these products, or does it not really matter? If the product works for us, should it matter if there are some ingredients that some would consider hazardous? Is it worth switching to “less hazardous” brands just in case? And finally, do you think this is just some marketing ploy to get consumers to change brands?

Check out the site, plug in a couple of your favorite products, and let me know what you think.