Here at the Maxwell house we’re attempting to go where few (in this culture) have gone before: once a month shopping. Instead of a weekly trip to Fred’s to grab the best sales and all the groceries needed for the week, we’re going to try shopping at Costco or Three Bears once a month, with bi-monthly trips to the local grocery for JUST milk and produce. We decided to try this after reading a lot of blog posts on the subject. I’m realizing how much I just love being home. If I don’t need to go out to the store, I’d rather not. By not going to the store weekly we don’t spend money on all those impulse purchases that aren’t really necessary. I love cooking as much as I can from scratch, and once-a-month shopping helps me to stock up on staples like flour, beans, rice, etc. and get creative during the month. Now for the accountability part: I plan on telling you how well this once-a-month goal is working, as an incentive for me to stick to the budget.

So, how is it going? Last month (June) we shopped at Three Bears ($200) and then STILL went to WalMart weekly, picking up Milk, produce, and of course more. We ended the month about $50 over budget. Ugh. A Failure. But, tomorrow starts a new month, and we’ll get off to a great start because we’re visiting my folks in Sitka and not buying groceries for a week. We can do this. 

So, has anyone else tried this? We’d love to hear your experiences and advice. We’re also considering ordering from a company who ships quality food right to our door. More about that later 🙂