Do you have a bunch of books/movies/music laying around that you don’t use? Want to trade your old stuff for some new stuff? We recently started swapping our old DVDs for kid movies, by using the service SwapaDVD. SwapaDVD allows you to list all the old DVDs you don’t want any more, and build a queue of DVDs you’d like to own. Each time you send out one of your DVDs (at your expense) you recieve a credit. When one of the DVDs in your queue becomes available, SwapaDVD notifies you, and if you have a credit you can opt to have it sent to your address (at the shippers expense). Sweet!

It costs about $1.85 to send out a DVD. Because of this cost, I wouldn’t reccommend it as a rental type service (there are better options available, like Netflix, Blockbuster, or Blockbuster rewards). However, it’s a great way to get some movies that you’d like to keep for a while. Right now we’re trying to stock up on Veggie Tales. This way we get each movie for $1.85 instead of the $10 it costs to buy new. SwapaDVD makes it super easy to ship. They have a mailing label you just print off your computer, wrap around your DVD, slap on some postage, and send.

If you’re interested, they also offer PaperbackSwap (for swapping books) and SwapaCD (for swapping music). There are a few other sites out there that offer this service (like SwitchPlanet, which I checked out) but none seem as simple as SwapaDVD. The next best thing would be getting DVDs free from friends (a local swap would be sweet) or getting them for a quarter at a garage sale. Can you even find stuff for a quarter anymore?