Some of our favorite local restaurants. Try ’em and I bet you’ll agree!

  • Sammy’s Pizza – Located off S. Colony Way in Palmer, this place has AWESOME pizza. Own a Northern Light Coupon Book? There are two coupons for BOGO pizzas. Sammy’s has been around forever. 
  • Krazy Moose Subs – Located near Fred Meyer’s in Wasilla, Krazy Moos is situated on Wasilla lake. A new restaurant, the former tenant was a great Thai restaurant. In the Northern Light Coupon book there are a couple of coupons to make your meal a good deal. Otherwise Subs are around $9 for 10 inches (which feeds 2 cost-conscious people).
  • Senor Taco – In the Carrs Mall parking lot, rumor has it this restaurant is owned by the guy who owns Chepo’s. It can be a bit spendy, but the dinners are awesome, and seem closer authentic mexican rather than the traditional Tex Mex. There are four BOGO dinner coupons in the Northern Light Coupon Book. 
  • Alpine Garden Grille – A great place for a super special date. Now that Lake Lucille is gone, this is my vote for best food in the Valley. The Grille is located off the Parks Highway, where Recluse Gardens used to be (on your left as you head toward’s Pittman). 
What are some of your local favorites? We’re always looking for a good place to eat!
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