If you’ve got the time and the desire, grab up these free money deals from Revolution Money Exchange and Sharebuilder. Kevin has always wanted to play around with penny stocks, so this is a great chance to let him have some fun, and also get some additional money for the rest of the family members. Both deals have been confirmed across the web as legit, and from reputable companies. All adults in the household (over 18) can sign up for a Revolution account, and ALL household members can get the sharebuilder deal. For us this equals 25 + 25 + 45 + 45 + 45 + 45 = $230 (minus or plus Kevin’s fun) to put into our Europe trip savings.

Revolution Money Exchange:

You get $25 by signing up for an account. It doesn’t cost any money to sign up. This company is basically the same as paypal. The process takes two minutes, and the $25 is instantly available. The money can then be transferred (for free) to your bank account. Sign up here, and you’ll be adding $10 to our trip fund. Thanks!


Sharebuilder is offering a $50 bonus to all new accounts. This company is owned by ING direct, a reputable bank. You have to spend a minimum of $5 in stocks to open an account, so your total gain is $50 – 5 = $45. Check out this post from iMommies, where she describes step-by-step how to open the account. It takes 5-10 minutes to complete the process.