This is the section heading for Jacob’s current stage, in the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, the Maxwell House sleep book of choice. Well, Dr. Weissbluth, that heading is spot on. Today Jacob is five weeks, and the last couple of days he has definitely been more fussy. This equates to a grouchy, more tired mommy, and a big brother who’s watched WAY too much TV. The good news for me is that scheduled sleep is just around the corner, and we can have a little more predictability back in the house.

Today has been an exercise in stereotypical “newborness”. I have spent the entire day in Pajamas, much of it carrying around Jacob in the Baby Bjorn (which he thankfully loves). For lunch Jimmy and I ate popcorn and ice cream. It’s all the nutrition my foggy brain could come up with. The food pyramid is for sissies!! At least for today πŸ™‚