This week has been amazing! Although I worried about how my first week home alone would go, it’s been a great time, and I feel like both boys have gotten the attention they need (although with Jacob it’s less about coloring and play dough and more about eating). I’ve got great in-laws who took Jimmy out to lunch yesterday and gave me some quality time with the newborn. Thanks! I really feel like Jacob has just filled in this sort of gap that I never knew was missing. I’ve been staying busy, but it feels like I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I also started Jacob in cloth diapers yesterday. So far I am LOVING it. I’ve gone the cheaper route, using pre-folds (yep, just like your mom used to use, although a more absorbent version) and super cute velcro covers (no icky vinyl here). I may not stick with it forever, but it’s been a minimal investment. I like the idea of both saving money, and keeping a few hundred less diapers out of the local landfill.

Grammy and Jacob

My parents were up for a week (they left last Sunday). They cooked, and cleaned, and left me with a sparkling house and full freezers. Thanks Mom & Dad!

Jacob’s First Bath

Jacob’s first bath. He did well, but didn’t care for the toweling/changing afterward.

Jimmy Cheese

Jimmy with his hat that a nurse from my clinic knitted him. I see a midwife at a great women’s center where the staff are amazing and many have become friends.

Jimmy in Boots

Jimmy’s been waiting a long time to wear these boots for Spring!