Back in November I wrote a post about finishing up two books that I have been reading (or not reading) for the past two years. Well, I finally finished up one of those books, Fresh Faith, and I have decided to let my lease on Maestro expire (a person should try only so hard to finish a book).

When I finally got down to reading Fresh Faith diligently, the pages flew by. This has further convinced me that there is a time and place for each book, and although two years ago wasn’t the time for Fresh Faith, this last month most certainly was. I feel more free now to be “ok” with starting a book, not Loving it, and putting it back on the shelf for review at a later date.

Money Possessions and Eternity

Today I started in on Money, Possessions, and Eternity by Randy Alcorn. We’ve had this book several years (won it off of a KAFC contest), and it just never looked appealing. After reading the intro, I am excited and realizing that this book has a lot of appeal for me. A favorite blurb from the intro:

“What we do with our money loudly affirms which kingdom we belong to. Whenever we give of our resources to further God’s kingdom, we cast a ballot for Christ and against Satan, for heaven and against hell. Whenever we use our resources selfishly and indifferently we further Satan’s goals.”