As I checked my RSS feeds this morning I was delighted to see several new posts from friends (many fellow stay-at-home moms). I love checking out their posts, and today was no different. However, today I did feel a twinge of something… jealousy? Discontent? I think this is a common side effect of too much blog reading. You see, most bloggers (including myself) put all the “best” part of our lives on our blogs. It makes sense, we want people to know what’s going on in our lives, and generally the things we feel like talking about are those items that make us feel good about ourselves. However, this for the reader can lead to a false sense of “blogger family perfection” when viewing a friend’s site. This isn’t the fault of the blogger, just the fault of the reader, so I’m not telling anyone to change what they write! I do feel convicted though to try to balance my posts more in my own blog, because I would HATE to think that any reader would pick up a false sense of “perfect family” from my blog. This is a two part process for me: 1) making sure my posts tell the whole story, and 2) praying about that discontent in my own heart as soon as it surfaces. You don’t need to do anything, just hang out. I’ll chat with you soon.