Rewind to February 1st, 2006. Janeen, extremely preggo with #1 feels the need to finish up her taxes and efile. Baby arrives the next day, February 2nd. And, this week, I efiled on Sunday and discovered during my Tuesday (36 week) appointment that we’ll be having this baby sooner than we thought. Three days later I think I’m finally mentally “ready”. Now just to cook a few more days (37 weeks is considered full term) and then we’ll see how my next appointment (Tuesday) goes. I’d love to make it to 38 if we can do so safely (read: without having an accidental homebirth).It’s wierd to have the opposite problem of most pregnant moms. Most are nearing their due dates, praying that the baby will make an appearance soon. I’m praying that baby will stay put a little longer. I’ll keep you all updated 😉