For Jimmy’s second birthday, we just did a really basic bash with family over, and a cake. No decorations, for which I am thankful. I look forward to planning really terrific parties when I have older kids and more energy (read: not pregnant) but this party involved just the right amount of prep work.

Tractor Cake

The Cake? A John Deere inspired creation combining Heavenly White cake and French Buttercream frosting. I loved both the cake and the frosting, and look forward to using them again in the future. This was my first attempt at using an icing bag, and it looks a bit like a blind monkey did the decorating. I just told everyone that Jimmy helped 🙂 The cake pan was purchased by Grammy months ago just for this occasion.

Cake eater

Don’t let him fool you; he took a lick of the frosting, but otherwise no cake entered his tummy. I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad that he doesn’t seem to like sugar!

sit n spin

Sit-N-Spin. What marketing genius came up with that name? Whatever you call it, it’s a hit with us.