Rocking Moose Rocking Moose II

This past weekend we celebrated Jimmy’s two year birthday. Well, “celebrated” might be an overeager word for what actually conspired, but it was a very cheery Saturday. Jimmy’s party is scheduled for next week, in order to fit in with slope schedules. I’m quite sure he’ll never know the difference. The bulk of the day was spent watching cartoons and putting together Jimmy’s gift from Grammy and Grampy, a rocking moose. He loves the moose, and I love that it is a cute Alaskana gift that looks great in his room. Thanks to iChat (which I couldn’t live without) Dad and Mom were able to watch him enjoy his gift nearly in person. Side Note: if you own a mac and have a loved one who does too, and you don’t yet take advantage of this great piece of software, let me know and I can help you set up full screen chats.

My favorite part of the day was when we returned from grocery shopping in the afternoon and after coming in the door, Jimmy began to (try to) undo my shoes. What could touch a pregnant mom’s heart more? He got extra bacon that night!