Yellow=Romney, Green=McCain, Blue=Huckabee, Black=Stripped Delegates

Well, Giuliani and Edwards are out. Very interesting. It’s always sad to see the field narrowed, but it makes February 5th more exciting in my opinion, and predictions generally come easier. After all, I’ve now got a 50/50 chance of correctly predicting the Democratic Nominee and a slightly worse chance of getting the Republican Nominee correct. But, I’m not going to do that, because predictions during elections are really rediculous and unhelpful when you think about it.

Looking at (actual) pledged delegates for the Republican field (taken from Wikipedia):

John McCain is leading with 89 (44%)

Mitt Romney is second with 27 (13%)

Mike Huckabee is in third with 7 (3%)

Keeping in mind that 1,191 delegates are necessary for a win, this race is still very much in its infancy. More than 1,000 delegates are at stake on Feb. 5th, but even then it is unlikely that one candidate will sweep the delegates. On a side note, check out the “candidate match game” at USAtoday if you’re undecided on who to vote for. These types of matches are fun, and they don’t tell you a whole lot, but go ahead and try it anyway πŸ™‚