Jimmy and Snowmoose

Tuesday, Jan. 22nd

As temps rose cabin fever forced Jimmy and I outside. I envisioned us building a snowmoose together. Instead I spent 20 minutes working on the snow sculpture by myself (he wasn’t interested in helping) after which I carried Jimmy around to inspect moose damage on our apple trees. I am definitely not a candidate for most careful pregnant woman of the year… On a side note, a cow and calf traipsed into our yard later that evening. Was it a coincidence that I had earlier built a snowmoose? I think not. This pic is of Jimmy posing with MY artwork. I would have preferred that he take a photo of me next to the snowmoose, but I was wary of letting him handle the new camera after his last mishap.

Brian and Jimmy Reading

Wednesday, Jan. 23rd

My twin brother Brian arrived from Fairbanks for a short visit. After an initial re-introduction period, Jimmy and his uncle got along great. Any time Brian would disappear from his sight, Jimmy would start searching for him, shouting “Bine, Bine!”


Sunday, Jan. 27th

After 30 minutes of playing the “What do you want to do? I don’t know, what do you want to do?” game on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I convinced Kevin that we should drive up to Hatcher’s pass. My idea was to bring along hot chocolate that we would all sip together while enjoying the view and making memories that would last a lifetime. What really occured was 1) Jimmy got carsick on the ride up, 2) mommy got carsick from turning around to try to console the kiddo, 3) the temperature on the mountain was at least -10, so we scrambled out of the car for a brisk 2 minute walk before running back to the warmth of the van. I did, however, get the hot (lukewarm) chocolate experience I wanted, as we all cuddled together in the front seats and watched the sun set. I let Veggie Tales keep Jimmy from getting carsick on the ride down. Thanks Bob and Larry. You guys are the best.