A post from a blogger who I follow really hit home with me the other day. Jess from Making Home wrote about changing our mindset from “What am I going to DO today?” to “Who am I going to BE today?” Her post centers on a change of thought, and as I generally find myself measuring the success of a day by how many actions I’ve accomplished, I like the gentle reminder that focusing on who I am will bring about much better results (and more joy). From the site:

 “It helps me to think of the kind of character I want to have (which will then translate into the actions I choose), rather than focusing on the actions themselves. And of course, none of it is possible on our own. We can’t “muster up” a gracious spirit or a responsive attitude, at least not consistently. But we CAN be any and all of these things when we are prayerfully submitted to God as women.”

 Even though Jess focuses on the issue from a Stay-At-Home-Mom perspective, it can apply equally to any person. You can check out the entire post here