Or, more precisely, the Lincolns. “What rant is Janeen preparing to embark on now?”, you’re asking yourself. But just stick with me. Unless of course you have a “real” job. If you’re a SAHM like me (or, even if you know what SAHM means) you might be interested in the following post. If not, just join me for the next great post on Jimmy’s boogers, or politics, or whatever.  Still here? Ok then, check out some of my favorite ways to earn a penny (or a point, or a frequent flier mile) online. The list below details some of my favorite earning sites. These are the sites that provide better payouts, take the least amount of effort, and resist the urge to sell your email addy to taiwan at the bargain rate of 1,000,000 addresses for a penny. 

  •  MyPoints – I’ve been with these guys for several years. You basically just get a couple emails a day and you click on a link at the bottom and then get rewarded with points which can then be redeemed for rewards. They have a large list of rewards partners. I have these emails filtered to a separate folder in my mail program called “paid emails” and then when I get a chance I just click through a bunch of them. It takes very little time to click, and although it takes a million emails to earn anything decent, it’s always been a nice treat for me. Lately I’ve been redeeming my points for gift cards and then spending them on maternity clothes. With about two years of occasional clicks (I by NO means take the time to click on all emails, usually around 1/4) I earn enough for a $50 gift card. Sweet. Check out their list of rewards.
  • E-Miles – I’ve only been a member of this site for around 12 months, but I like that the payout is very straight-forward. Instead of points or cash, this site offers frequent flier miles for clicking on offers on their page (no emails sent to your inbox) and then answering a SHORT survey about the offer (usually takes me 30 seconds). Unfortunately, Alaska Airlines is not a partner, but there are several other airlines with whom you can earn miles. I choose to earn miles on Northwest, and have already received several in my NWA account. I’m expecting to earn around 1000 miles a year from this site. Not a lot, I know, but combined with E-rewards (below), I can get a ticket every few years. They offer miles on Northwest, Continental, Delta, or US Airways.
  • E-Rewards – This company takes the most time out of all that I participate in regularly, but if they offer a redemption that fits your lifestyle, it is worth checking them out. Their rewards are few, and specific, but they do offer NWA miles, which I combine with those from E-miles (above). They offer plenty of opportunities to earn, by sending survey offers to your inbox. Sometimes the surveys are shorter, and sometimes they are long enough that I don’t bother. But, you always earn a small amount, even if you don’t qualify for the survey. They also offer blockbuster gift cards in small increments, which could be useful for many folks. 
There are many other sites which I have joined, and periodically try to earn from, but 99.9% of my “paid email” time is spent on the three companies above. Don’t think that you have to sit down every day and work on these to get any sort of reward. My usual pattern is to ignore all the emails for a week or two (I have them filtered into a separate folder in my mail program), and then I spend 5-15 minutes clicking around. It may not be worth your time (or interesting to you), but I just wanted to share! If you are interested in becoming a member of any of these sites, let me know because I can send you a referral email and get some earnings (points, miles, etc.) fromf your joining. 
One great site which keeps very up-to-date on earning points, miles, $$ online is Free Frequent Flier miles. This guy is a real guru for getting the most out of your time online. 
Lastly, if you’d like to join up, but are nervous about your mail program getting spammed, consider starting a “disposable email” account. I get throw-away addys through SpamGourmet. I give out a disposable address anytime I’m nervous about a site or an offer.