With Super Tuesday (February 5th) fast approaching, and three primaries/caucuses already completed,  it’s time to take another look at the 2008 presidential race. You can see updated info on how many delegates have been pledged to each candidate here for the Republican Party, and here for the Democratic Party. It’s difficult (if not impossible) to obtain unbiased information about candidates, but you can check out Project Vote Smart for reasonably good info. For a look at what candidate’s claims have been shown false (at least by this site – take everything with a grain of salt) you can surf to  The Alaska Republican Party will be holding their “Presidential Preference Vote” on February 5th, according to the Republican Party of Alaska website. Alaska Democrats will also be holding their caucuses on this date. Wasilla area Republicans can vote for their choice of candidates at the Regan Building (3161 E. Palmer Wasilla Hwy) on Feb. 5th, from 4:30-8:30 pm. Alternate polling locations are available on the the Republican Party of Alaska website. Alaskan voters who haven’t yet registered can do so by filling out this form and mailing or faxing it to the elections office.