Today our newest kiddo is 24 weeks (in utero). Although preemies as young as 21 weeks have successfully reached adulthood without extended medical problems, 24 weeks is a commonly agreed on age for fetal viability (although the survivability statistic is still less than 50%, my research shows as low as 20%). I love that we have a level I NICU (Providence) only an hour away. Not that we’re ever going to have to use it, but it still makes me feel better. When a person is confronted with these statistics (survivability at 24 weeks and under) it has some major implications as to the moral issues associated with abortion. If a mom can abort a baby that has a chance at life outside the womb, shouldn’t that be considered murder? (not to mention abortion at ANY time, but that’s a whole new topic) According to research done by the Guttmacher Institute, the number of babies aborted in the U.S. after 24 weeks is estimated to be 1,032. When world-wide statistics are taken into account, I can only imagine that this number increases dramatically. You can’t face this research without being held to an internal decision on your own beliefs on the topic.