One night at the Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage, Junior Suite: two-hundred sixty dollars

Dinner at the 4 star Crow’s Nest, floor 20 of the captain cook: one-hundred twenty dollars

Half-hour massage: fourty dollars

Winning the above package and going for free?


We had the pleasure of escaping to Anchorage this past weekend for some much needed alone time. What a blessing! We enjoyed our time together, a chance to relax before the arrival of the baby. This “pre-baby” vacation is becoming a tradition, as we drove down for a weekend at the Land’s End Resort in Homer about this time before Jimmy was born (mid-second trimester). On a side note, the Land’s End Resort is a great choice for a weekend trip with your spouse. They offer getaway packages that include 1 or two night’s stay, dinner for two, and continental breakfast. These packages start at $129. If the 7 hour drive to Homer sounds like too much, you can opt for the flyaway package, which includes round trip airfare from Anchorage, 1 or 2 night’s stay, dinner for two, and continental breakfast, starting at $380. Land’s End’s Chart Room restaurant has great food (some of the best seafood I’ve had, and I’m from Southeast!)

Back to the Captain Cook… We had a fun time acting like Iron Chef judges during our meal at the Crow’s Nest. For the main course Kevin ordered the scallops, and I tried the rack of lamb. The food was good, we appreciated the complexity of the flavors, and the effort put into the elements of the plate being complimentary to one another, but we both agreed that we didn’t feel the need to try it again anytime soon. And I (forgive my Alaskan hillbilly taste buds) felt like the lamb tasted similar to caribou?! I can get caribou for free! They sell lamb for $40. Hmmm…

The room was fine. Nothing to blog about, but fine 😉 They did, however have some of the coolest mini shampoos, conditioners, and lotions. Not the boring cylindrical shape, these are flatter, and I assume designed to take up less space in the luggage. Sweet.