Hey fans. Here’s a repost of a March 07 topic. Thought I’d share again just in case anyone was interested in making their life easier…



During the last couple of days the term “RSS” has been popping up in my conversations. And, my excitement at how my life has been changed by these three simple letters is usually met with confusion. I know some of you readers already understand this, so I’ll see you in the next post. The rest of you, stay with me, because this post could change your life. I’ll try to keep it short, really.

RSS enables me, Janeen, stay-at-home mom who is addicted to the internet but tries to keep her time online to a minimum, to stay informed on a wide variety of topics (as well as stay in touch with friends) with a minimum of effort. By viewing a single website I can get a rundown on the day’s news, see if my friend’s have updated their blogs, keep up on major politics, and see if there are any screamin’ hot tech deals for the day. How? Well, wikipedia explains RSS much better than I can. I use Bloglines.com to aggregate all of my feeds and then periodically check on it throughout the day. For an information addict like me, this is amazing. Give me 5 minutes and I can update myself on a myriad of information. This way when I am making small talk at the next adult event I attend, I can come up with something more interesting to say than “Jimmy ate a WHOLE banana last week.”