When the snow first hits the mountains in October, I always find myself searching the ‘net for great airfare deals. Flight deals take up much of my time for a few weeks, as I scour the search engines and travel companies for the best deals possible. Not that I intend to actually take any of these trips, more so to keep my searching skills sharp for that one day when I will inevitably be able to actually book a flight (to somewhere other than Sitka).

Today I found myself searching German Airline service provider Condor’s website for their latest deals on their direct flight from Anchorage to Frankfurt. Someday I’d love to take this flight, and hope to eventually when the age of the kiddos (can we say Adult only trip?) and the pocketbook figures all align. This nonstop flight is an excellent option for the Alaskan traveler trying to get to Europe for a great price and without the hassle of flying across the U.S. before finally crossing “the pond”. The flight is about 9.5 hrs, so it’s very doable (given you have a movie player with some serious battery power). Hey, that 9 hours would just about cover all the Star Wars movies!

Looking at flights in June of 2008, a ticket (including taxes and fees) would set you back about $750. Not too shabby for an international flight. Oh, and rumor has it that a very savvy shopper with flexible dates can (at least in the past) book for as low as $400 a ticket. That’s just too tempting. Condor flies Anchorage to Frankfurt May through October, three days a week.

Also while looking up fares, I stumbled across what seems like a pretty good site, Fare Compare. They allow flexible date searching, and also include a service that will list all available fares from a select departure airport. I like the idea of being able to see at a glance where the great sale destinations are. Not that I’d ever actually go there 🙂