Every night this week, shortly after putting Jimmy to bed, the sound of small arms fire can be heard in our area. What is going on? Usually the event begins with a single shot, followed approximately every half-hour by another round, until 10:00pm or so, when the shooter apparently tires of his (her) game. I know this is Alaska, but come on! I like to make up stories about what prompts this behavior. Could it be an elusive moose that visits a drunk hunter nightly? Is there a marauding sasquatch taunting the neighbors? Is it a form of morse code? Who knows. Hopefully it will end soon. I’m tired of checking for bullet holes 🙂 I didn’t grow up on the streets of L.A. or anything, but I still find myself tensing in anticipation of a stray bullet each time a shot rings out. Is anyone else so crazy?