This evening, after putting Jimmy down for the night, I proceeded to clean up around the house. Upon walking into the master bathroom, I discovered that the toilet bowl brush was laying in the middle of the bathroom floor. Earlier in the day (during naptime) I had cleaned the toilet and left the brush balanced on the edge to dry, as usual. I had left the door to the bathroom open for ventilation.

There are two possible explanations for the movement of the brush: (1) it fell off the toilet rim and rolled nearly two feet away sometime during the day, or (2) Jimmy noticed the brush and did <insert verb here> with it. Eeeeek!  I don’t remember him ever toddling off during his own this afternoon, so I’m not sure how he would have had time to play with the brush. This will forever remain a mystery (unless of course I’m woken up in the night to take the kid to the E.R. for some sort of toilet-germ-induced illness).