On Tuesday I had my 17 week checkup. My brother was kind enough to babysit while I went to my appointment and ran some errands. The checkup went smoothly, and I proceeded to drive to the pick up spot for our bi-monthly organic produce box. I went inside Kaladi’s to grab our box, located it, and headed for the door. As I was just leaving the barista at the register called to me. “Do you want a coffee?”, he asked. I told him no thank you, I was just in for the box. He then proceeded to inform me that the coffee was free, because a man that had just left had told the barista that God had told him (my mysterious benefactor) that I could use a coffee. I was blown away. My initial reaction was mixed; I was thankful for the luxury of a coffee (chai in my case), but also surprised that God thought I needed one. I didn’t know that I needed a coffee, but I trusted his choice, and ordered a chai. As I sat afterward in my van, cup in hand, I sniffed back tears. I often think of God as filling my needs as they arise, and even sprinkling in luxuries liberally. But a God who works through a man to get me a free coffee, just because he loves me? That’s a God I want to know better.