The fall harvest has been great this year. I am very happy with my carrots, tomatoes, and broccoli. I am sick of chard (lovely plant, but I won’t be putting it in the garden next year). My straight neck squash was a failure, with several small squash developing throughout the summer, only to be taken over by rot after growing only a couple of inches.

We had enough carrots left that I decided to can a few jars. Having only canned jams and jellies, I consulted my handy dandy 1942 edition of the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. This cookbook is AMAZING. It includes everything from great recipes, to stain removal advice, to setting a “proper” table, to canning instructions. The book walked me through canning the carrots, and it was a fun afternoon project. I also have plenty of green tomatoes that I plan on turning into sweet green tomato pickles and canning. This all makes me excited for next year! I plan on expanding the size of the garden, while simplifying the varieties planted (carrots, lettuce (maybe kale), broccoli, tomatoes, and …?)