Thanks for asking. I’ll be at costco buying dryer sheets.

This morning I opened a new package of jumbo dryer sheets (kirkland brand). I always have kind of a nostalgic moment when I open a new package, because it takes so stinkin’ long to get through all of the 240 sheets. It made me wonder; what was I doing when I opened the last package? According to my calculations (4 dryer sheets a week minus two weeks of vacation), I would have been a sleep-deprived, hormonal wreck. Jimmy would have been around 2 months old, and just transitioning to his crib. I think about all the changes that have occured in the last 15 months, and it is just amazing. We would have been still driving our purple Taurus (pretty much the best car ever, no offense to the Quantum, may she rest in peace). Kevin would have been paid $2 less per hour (you gotta love the union wage matrix). My brother Brian would have just graduated from college. We have been blessed soooo abundantly by our God, who loves us and takes care of us even when we forget to ask him to.

I think about what I’ll be doing when the time comes to open the next box of dryer sheets. Hopefully that future will include a new little Maxwell, larger Gardens, a Jimmy with no major injuries (just learning to climb!), and a content and peaceful Kevin and Janeen.

What do you hope your life looks like in 15 months?