I always read while eating my morning cereal. I prefer the daily paper, but will read the back of the cereal box in a pinch. This morning I was looking at the Anchorage Daily News from this last Sunday. Having finished off the rest of the paper, I had only the sports section left. I usually pass up the sports news, but this morning I noticed an interesting article about former Juneau resident Carlos Boozer. In case you haven’t heard, Boozer is now a basketball star, playing with the NBA’s Utah Jazz. And, I might add, they’re deep in the playoffs and doing well.

The reason this article was so interesting to me was that Carlos played basketball during my freshman (and sophomore?) years of high school. Sitka and Juneau are in the same conference, so I often watched Boozer from the pep band section as we cheered on our team. I once even stood right beside ‘Los as we observed a girls game from the sidelines. I know, that practically makes me a celebrity. I think he may have even sweated on me.

So, tonight for the first time in the history of Janeen, I am going to willingly tune the T.V. to an NBA basketball game. The Jazz are playing the Spurs in game two of the Western Conference finals (whatever that means). Utah is down one game to San Antonio, so my cheering will be even more important tonight. How many games do these guys play anyway? Best out of three? Best out of seven? Oh well, I’m sure one of the announcers will fill me in…