…but I love the benefits. When I start out for a run I am usually not very excited. As the run progresses, and I begin to tire, I’m really disliking the process of loping along. Usually I run pushing a jogging stroller, trying to maintain some sense of proper form as I pump my left arm and grasp the handlebar with my right. After the jog ends, my displeasure with the process begins to subside and a feeling of accomplishment sneaks up on me. My mood brightens, and the world looks just a little bit more inviting.

Other reasons I sometimes hate running:

Running with a kid is harder. The jogging stroller doesn’t way too much, and it’s got great bearings (don’t tell anyone, but sometimes when it’s flat, I give it a little push and run free for a few strides), but if you’ve got any sort of hill or breeze, you can feel the addition.

Running in Alaska means that you either keep the season short or find a treadmill for a few months. I restrict my season to mid-April through snow (usually October). So, I have about 5 months to shrug off winter, develop an aerobic base, and get to a happy running place where I don’t feel like dying each time I head out the door. Oh, and the 5 months may be shortened on either end due to having a newborn too small for the stroller, or pregnancy (yeah, I know they say you can jog during pregnancy, but that is not my cup of tea).

So, for now, I’ll keep heading out the door a few days a week, en route for pain-ville. I’ll keep it up (for a couple more months at least) because I know that it makes a big difference in my mental and physical health. I know that in a few more weeks I’ll have my aerobic base, and hitting the road won’t be such a struggle. Then I’ll have to start another post entitled, “I love running”. Until then, do me a favor and give me a wave next time you see me out on the road. That wave will keep me going for at least another mile 🙂