Poor Taurus

Early last Friday morning Kevin and I loaded up the Taurus and took off for Valdez, to visit my brother Brian. We had just qued up the iPod to U2 and were contemplating which coffee stand to visit when suddenly Kevin slammed on the brakes. We had just come down a small hill and at the bottom was a large… well… let’s call it a road anomaly. Basically a pot hole, but taking up the entire lane, and with a raised dirt center where previous drivers had made ruts in the hole. Even though Kevin made a valiant effort to avoid the hole, we were sucked in as if by some great force. Our airbags blew (which set off the horn), the windshield shattered, and the transmission was left trailing fluid. Ouch. The funny thing is, I don’t really remember feeling jerked around at all. I was simply playing with the ipod one second, and the next eating airbag. Yum. It really wasn’t a big deal for us, the passengers. Like I said, there wasn’t a big bump really. The car stayed on the road. Just strange.

Anyway, we’ve submitted the estimates in a claim to the Matanuska-Susitna Borough (which, btw, had the week prior received a call about this hole). We’re not expecting to get anything out of it, but who knows. The same morning of our accident, a minivan also took damage from the same pot hole (according to a State Trooper).

I always hate it when people are complaining to the Borough about petty things, but for this issue we’re joining the ranks of the whiners. Only because of their prior warnings and months of this specific pot hole being a problem.

Whatever happened to the hole? As Kevin and I began our journey again at 11 am Friday, we passed a Borough crew at the site. They were putting up warning signs and attempting to repave the area. Apparently that didn’t work, as the problem is still there (albeit now with warning signs and cones).