Jimmy in a basket

Originally uploaded by maxwell_janeen.

I just spent waaay more time than I should have playing around on Flickr and uploading pics. What is Flickr? It’s basically just a place to store and share photos. The great thing about this site (versus others like shutterfly, etc.) is that there are tons of great add-ons that allow the program to integrate into my world of iPhoto and WordPress blogging. This is particularly useful since I have gotten worse about sending photos to family. So, check out the photos on the right of the page, and if you’d like, view more by clicking on the “view more” link. I’ll be working on getting it organized even better…

The pic above was taken in March. I was doing the laundry and Jimmy was playing beside me. I turned around to see him sitting in the laundry basket. He’s always reached for “toys” inside, but this was the first time he managed to climb in 🙂