Every Wednesday night at 10:00 at the Maxwell house an interesting thing happens: Kevin and I argue. Like clockwork, the TV is turned off, the empty popcorn bags are thrown away, and then the duel begins. Usually Kevin is the first to begin the deliberations. He’ll make a suggestion regarding the future, and I’ll disagree. Then I’ll attempt to tie past behaviors to current actions, and he’ll jump in with his “solution”. Why the argument, you ask? Is our marriage beginning to falter? Have the trials of parenthood taken their toll? No, we’re just trying to clear up the mysteries that have pervaded our once peaceful life. This confusion is brought into our home every Wednesday curtesy of ABC, in the form of the groundbreaking TV drama “Lost”. There has never been a show like this one, and possibly never will be again. Whenever I finish watching an episode, I feel like my brain has done a series of gymnastics, and has emerged from the ordeal energized. Kevin and I enjoy talking for hours (ok, minutes) about the behavior of the characters, and the twists and turns of the plot.

If you’re not already a Lost fanatic, consider jumping on this bandwagon. Just make sure that you start at the beginning (a very good place to start). This is an extremely complex drama, and it’s necessary to begin at season 1 in order to fully enjoy the plot.

Oh, and Dad, you are totally Sawyer 😉